Médiatechnika‘China’s biggest’ 5mm LED screen shows 24K ‘3D’ visual

Médiatechnika | 2021. Március 30., Kedd 16:00

A new ceiling-mounted 1,200 sqm screen at a shopping centre in Xi’an is said to be the largest 5mm LED screen in China, and shows 24K, glasses-free 3D visual effects.



The largest 5mm LED screen in China has been ceiling mounted at a shopping centre in the country’s ancient capital city Xi’an. The 1,200 sqm screen from LianTronics is described as a “giant sky screen” which is “creating a stunning 24K, 3D future world”.
Covering almost the entire ceiling of the Joy City shopping centre with a glasses-free, 3D effect, the screen has an ultra-high contrast ratio and is accompanied by surround sound. It was unveiled during Chinese New Year and has already increased footfall for retailers.
The new 5mm LED screen is an upgrade of a previous Qin Han Tang sky screen made previously by LianTronics, following a request for the glasses-free, 3D effect. Following lengthy discussions, the company optimised a lightweight cabinet design with what is described as a “sharp contrast mask”. Seamless splicing and a wide viewing angle also contribute to enjoyment of 3D effects on the screen.
The new sky screen follows previous projects in which LianTronics LED displays were used to create giant, glasses-free 3D LED walls in the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu and Chongqing MICC Building projects.



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