MédiatechnikaALEXA LF SUP 4.3 Update

Médiatechnika | 2020. Május 22., Péntek 20:00

We hereby announce Software Update Package LF SUP 4.3 for ALEXA LF cameras. This update changes the behavior of the MAGNIFICATION indication and provides bug fixes.



Instead of the orange lines that some customers found distracting, we will now show special MAGNIFICATION icons in the status overlay area to indicate when the MAGNIFICATION setting leads to more image area being recorded than being shown on MON OUT and/or viewfinder. The same behavior is planned for the next ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA 65 software releases. PLEASE NOTE that the ALEXA LF 3.0 Software & Hardware Upgrade is a prerequisite for updating ALEXA LF cameras to LF SUP 4.3. If you still have an ALEXA LF with LF SUP 2.0/2.1, contact ARRI Service to schedule the LF 3.0 Software & Hardware Upgrade. To find more info on LF SUP 3.0, click here and scroll down. If you already have LF SUP 3.0, simply download LF SUP 4.3 and install it on your camera. The link below leads to the SUP, detailed release notes, an updated user manual, the menu settings chart and a list of "ALEXA LF Supporting Tools and Software Overview".


Download LF SUP 4.3


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to service@arri.de.
Kind regards,
The ARRI Customer Support Team.



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