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Médiatechnika | 2017. Január 12., Csütörtök 15:00

APPEAR TV Introduces three modules for X10/X20 Ultra High-Speed Networking Platform.

Appear  TV,  a  leading  global  provider  of  next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming high-quality video, is proud to  introduce  three  new  modules  for  the X10/X20  next-generation  Ultra-High-Speed  Video Networking hardware platform.  The system expands Appear TV's solution portfolio, positioning the  company  to  take  center  stage  within  the  new  high-speed,  IP  centric  architectures  that broadcasters are rapidly migrating towards.

 The  new  X10  and  X20  platforms  help  broadcasters  adopt  the  many  benefits  of  IP  centric operation,   in   their   own   timeframe   and   with   extreme simplicity.   The   platforms   offer   a programmable  option  with  modules  that  easily  alternate  between  SDI  and  IP  in  either  the compressed  or  lightly-compressed  domain.  Featuring  core  IP  security  as  a  firewall,  video monitoring,  video  routing  and  video  re-multiplexing,  the  X10  and  X20  operates  as  the  key building  blocks  of  an  ultra-flexible,  ultra-low  delay,  highly  secured  broadcast  network.  Being codec agnostic, it bridges both the natively encapsulated and MPEG_TS worlds.

“The traditional model for video production is shifting,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “Legacy  SDI  infrastructure  is  being  phased  out  and  gradually  replaced  by  a  generic  IP infrastructure  capable  of  handling  compressed  and  uncompressed  high  quality  video.  The X10/X20 platform  is  ideal for  connecting  a  local  legacy  SDI  network  to  a new high  capacity  IP infrastructure.  Combining  the  X10/X20  platform  with  our  existing  XC5000/XC51000  platform, Appear  TV  provides a  complete  solution for  transporting  video from  content  generation to  end viewers.”

Appear  TV’s  X10/X20  networking  platform  is  completely  modular  and has  been  designed  to allow content producers and distributors to transition from an SDI infrastructure to an IP-based operation  at  a  pace  that  suits  their  individual  needs. The  three  processing  modules  currently available  allow  users  to  customize  a  package  to  meet  specific  requirements:  a  high-speed  IP card  that  delivers  both  compressed  and  uncompressed  video,  a  high-density  SDI  card,  and  a scrambling card for operations that require secure content delivery. Additional functionality such as TICO, JPEG200 and HEVC 10Bit 4:2:2 compression support will be added subsequently.




New Modules for the X10/X20 Platform

The  IP  Card  features  dual-redundant  10Gbps  IP  I/O,  GUI-configurable  bidirectional  or unidirectional  data  ports,  seamless  input  switching  and  cloned  outputs.  It  supports  10G uncompressed  SDI  over  IP  and  up  to  6Gbps  MPEG  transport  stream  processing  (de-muxing and re-muxing).  

 The  High-Density  SDI  Card offers  eight  3Gbps serial  digital  video  interfaces per  module  with each  supporting  up  to  one  1080p60  service,  on-board  SDI-to-IP  and  IP-to-SDI  conversion according to SMPTE 2022/6 and 2022/7 

The Simulcrypt-compliant Scrambling Card supports scrambling of up to 2,000 services at data rates of up to 6Gbps and supports DVB-CSA and AES encryption with a dedicated Simulcrypt interface towards CA servers. 


The platform also functions as a high capacity video firewall enabling the operators to maintain full security between sites, even if public IP infrastructure is used. All IP ports can be configured to be either unidirectional or bi-directional, depending on what type of traffic is allowed over the port. Security is further enforced on a dedicated hardware handling all incoming and outgoing IP video traffic. The X10/X20 maintains strict surveillance on its control layer, which supports many advanced features such as user management and authentication.

The networking  platforms  come  in  two  chassis  options:  the  X10  chassis  holding  up  to  six processing  modules,  and  the  X20,  holding  up  to  12  processing  modules.  Since  the  X10/X20 option slots are electrically identical, option modules can be swapped between X10 and X20 for added flexibility. With ultra-low latency in mind, IP de-jittering buffer has been added resulting in the lowest possible delay. Required buffer sizes such as IP de-jittering is configurable, enabling the  operator  to  always  run  on  the  minimal  possible  delay  while  still  maintaining  the  required performance.

All modules, including power supplies, switch, fans and option modules, are hot swappable. The chassis  units  include  high-capacity  redundant  power  supplies  with  AC  and  DC  powering options.


About Appear TV: Appear TV is based in Oslo, Norway, and has recently opened an additional office in Bangkok, Thailand.  The  company  produces  world-class  equipment  that  enables  operators  to  deliver professional  broadcast  services  to  millions  of  users  around the  globe.  The  company  is dedicated  to  developing  reliable,  revenue-generating  and  innovative  solutions  for  operators looking  to  deliver  real-time  content  to  the  home.  Appear  TV  headends  are  designed  for modularity, high density, and flexibility.



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