MédiatechnikaFILMART - online exhibition

Médiatechnika | 2020. Július 18., Szombat 06:00

Join the first-ever FILMART Online now!
Wirtually connect with industry players in this August.

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Since the pandemic has resulted in some cities being put on lockdown, and travelling among countries is still mostly restricted, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has decided to migrate the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) to a virtual platform, FILMART Online, from 26-29 August.



"FILMART is a medium that allows information from all kinds of platforms, and from all across Asia and the globe, to be collated and presented in one place. "


Nick Yeung, mm2 Entertainment (Singapore)


"FILMART has become a good bridge to talk to Mainland Chinese and obviously a Iot of the companies are interested in co-production.


Charlie Bloye, Film Export UK (United Kingdom)


Click here for more successful stories shared by our past exhibitors!




sales enquiry: filmart@hktdc.org 
visitor enquiry: film@hktdc.org



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