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Médiatechnika | 2020. Május 26., Kedd 09:00

Introducing the new BRAVIA Professional Displays. Sony has done it again. The new range of BRAVIA Professional Displays with TV Tuner are here.

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They combine exceptional image quality and stunning design with the best in professional features, making them perfect for corporate applications. With a large range to choose from, there is a Display to suit every business requirement.




The new models

•XH7 – The new XH7 is compatible with high‑dynamic range and TRILUMINOS Display to create the ultimate picture quality.

•XH8 - Discover a world of apps and online content as the new XH8 is compatible with Android TV, as well as improving content quality with Reality Creation.

•A8/AG9 – Spectacularly lifelike 4K images with sounds from the screen, the new A8/AG9 OLED models are exceptionally detailed, create realistic pictures with rich colour and sound from within.




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BRAVIA has got you covered

Ideal for boardrooms and meeting rooms, or for common areas such as receptions and hallways, there is a BRAVIA Display to suit every need. Watch and share with your customers, our video mini series where Trade Marketing Manager, Adam Dover, talks through the key features and benefits.






Watch and learn

Register for our webinar on the 3rd of June to hear from Product Manager, Thomas Issa, as he discusses all the latest news on our new BRAVIA Professional Displays. Thomas will give an overview of the new models and how they fit into the full line up, explaining the benefits and taking live questions at the end of the session. This event will be in English.




Sony Website



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