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Médiatechnika | 2022. Február 22., Kedd 19:00

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was shown on a giant screen in Bordeaux, France, on December 27, 2021, brought to life by a symphony orchestra of over 80 musicians – and the new Neumann Miniature Clip Microphone right in the middle of it!



Sylvain Denis, owner of Syde & Sound and FOH Engineer in charge, says: “I enjoyed the smoothness of the sound, the air [...] that I hardly had to EQ and had no feeling of proximity effect.

[...] I didn't have to fight and spend time on each microphone, depending on the source and random positioning of each one. My impression during those first few minutes was that I felt like I had an overhead by musicians and not an electret on each instrument.“




The developers of Neumann spent six years researching the capsules and the production processes that would be necessary to make the Miniature Clip Microphone System a reality. With minimized self-noise and an extremely high maximum sound level of 153 dB, the system’s KK 14 capsule delivers perfect results for both very quiet and very loud instruments.


Stephan Mauer, Portfolio Manager at Neumann, sums up: “All that work paid off. This capsule is unlike anything that came before.”


More detailed information about the Miniature Clip Mic System MCM is now available

on Neumann website.



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