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Médiatechnika | 2021. Október 18., Hétfő 18:00

Go from cable-cluttered to wide-range wireless. Spark 4K is a wireless video system that transmitspremium quality 4K HDR video and audio to your desiredHDMI destination – up to 500 feet, with zero-delay,for any A/V workflow.

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More quality, less compromise

Until now, switching from HDMI cables to wireless transmission meant sacrificing quality for convenience. That ends with Teradek Spark 4K. Display your content in 4K HDR without the fear of sound cuts, signal drops, or loose cables.


Never miss a millisecond

Transport your 4K video from source to screen with no perceivable delay. Just connect the 4K wireless transmitter to your video source, and the receiver will have your content displaying in less than 1 millisecond for all to see. Now, all your guests can have a front-row-seat experience.


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Adaptable to any A/V application

From weddings, conferences, live sports, and trade shows, to table tops and cameras, Spark 4K’s horizontal mount design works anywhere. The TX weighs just 5.6oz, perfect for gimbals and cameras, has dual-powering options (USB-C and Barrel Connector), and boasts an internal battery life of over 2 hours*. The RX is just slightly larger than a cassette tape. Both units are designed to stay out of your way while you’re on the move.




Pierce through signal interference

Operating at the 5GHz frequency, Spark 4K functions with less sensitivity to line-of-sight obstructions than 60GHz systems. Using smart frequency hopping, Spark 4K automatically finds a clear channel – ensuring you get a robust 4K transmission, even in crowded areas. You can even keep tabs on your signal status on Launchpad: Spark 4K’s mobile and desktop app. And pair your transmitters and receivers right from your phone or tablet.


More information: TERADEK



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