MédiatechnikaVDO360 2SEE Camera with Built-In Microphone Array

Médiatechnika | 2020. Július 24., Péntek 13:00

VDO360 introduces the new 2SEE, easy-to-use, detachable 1080p USB webcam with far-field voice pick-up technology.



Be represented with crisp, clear picture and audio when you work from home with the 2SEE high-quality 1080p HD video conference camera. The 2SEE includes a four-microphone array system that provides excellent, true-voice pickup. Based on the AI VocalFusion algorithm, the 2SEE series camera uses Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS) technologies to get a 26-foot range of far-field voice pickup. “We have been working on the SEE product family for some time now.” states Dan Freeman, CEO VDO360, ”Our product philosophy has always been to address how people actually use collaboration devices, and this has been an interesting process in determining the best fit for a device like the 2SEE. The 2SEE also uses the most advanced video processing technology with an OmniVision imaging sensor. Enjoy smooth and vivid 1080p HD image capture, even in low-light conditions. Virtual communication from your home office is easy with the VDO360 2SEE video camera.




About VDO360

 VDO360 puts people first as we continue R&D for the next generation of collaboration systems. We consider both the technology and how people are using it. Change is inevitable, and technology changes faster than people do. Our goal is to bridge the gap between how people use visual collaboration and the latest technologies available, now and in the future. Innovation is key; from our entry into the market with the first affordable PTZ USB camera to our latest autonomous camera systems, VDO360 has consistently led the way in visual collaboration. VDO360 delivers an unrivaled high-quality video experience. While many think that "good enough" is fine, we recognize that this approach leads to unfulfilled users who don't get what they need from the video collaboration peripheral market. By design, our cameras deliver fantastic video and are comfortable and easy to use. are designed to not only provide amazing video, but to be comfortable and easy to use.





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