Médiatechnika19th BUSHO CALL FOR ENTRIES 2023

Médiatechnika | 2022. December 03., Szombat 19:00

The entry period will start on 1st of December for the 19th BuShu Festival.

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After the closing of the annual archive, entry period will start again on 1st December with a few changes in the rules and the online entry system. All the infos are avaliable on our new mobile optimized website www.bushofest.hu, since the last edition you can only enter through the Filmfreeway, where you can register your films for free if you don’t have an account yet. 

We are looking for fiction, animation and experimental works shorter than 30 minutes made after January 1, 2021 from all over the world. The former busho.hu website will be accessible from the archive menu of the new page, where you can still browse the festivals of previous years. 

ATTENTION! The submission deadline has been changed to March 1, 2023, and as a result, the announcement of the competition program and the submission of screening copies will also change, we will come with more details later. We would like to ask all entrants to have a reminder engraved for themselves due to spam filters in different mail systems, and if you do not receive the notification, take a look at our website where we will also post the results!




Submission deadline: 1 March 2023

Notification date: 1 May 2023



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